Nettlebed and District Commons

The Work of the Commons Conservators

The Commons Conservators meet four times a year to discuss the many issues relating to the management of the Commons. These range from matters arising from one of the three Parish Councils, for example matters concerning the many public roads which cross our Commons, to liaising with owners of properties on, or adjacent to the Commons. They work closely with the Owners of the Common Land to report on woodland and other management. Some of this work is carried out by the Green Gym. Forestry work on the commons is carried out on behalf of the owners and their agents by contractors. The Conservators also work closely with other agencies, for example BBOWT, ONCF, CCB and SODC with the development of ongoing Commons Projects. Links to these organisations can be found on our home page. The Conservators who give their time voluntarily, manage the limited finances which are in part raised through subscriptions by Friends of the Commons. Some funding also comes from SODC and from the local Parish Councils. The Friends annual meeting in the autumn and the newsletters are also the work of the Conservators.

Other work has been the creation of a raised verge along the Commons edges at Peppard on Church Lane and at Nettlebed near the bus shelter. Another raised verge is being created near the Red Lion on Colliers Lane organised with the help of neighbours. These works are to protect the Commons from the increasing damage by parking cars. A further extension of the work carried out so far might be possible if suitable material can be found.

Clearance work on the Stradwell Pond at Nettlebed

Further work on this and other ponds at Nettlebed commenced in late 2011 as part of the Chilterns AONB Commons Project. Please visit the Ponds Project page for the background and latest information


Nettlebed Volunteers

‘Team Nettlebed’ meets most Sundays and some weekdays to work on Nettlebed Common.

New team members always welcome!

For more information please follow the link above or email the clerk

Kingwood and Peppard Volunteers (KPCV)

In October 2011 a volunteer group was formed to provide additional work on Kingwood and Peppard Commons. This group meets on some Saturdays and Mondays monthly. This work is organised to complement the regular work carried out by Green Gym. For more information please email the clerk. Who will give you the contact details.

You may also use the contact us link.

For more information follow the link above.

The Kingwood Common Grazing Project 2008/2011

A full account of this project which sought to achieve a seasonal grazing scheme on Kingwood Common may be accessed by following the link above. The project failed due to refusal by Defra to allow perimeter fencing.