Nettlebed and District Commons

The Woodland Play Trail

on Nettlebed Common near the recreation ground

If you go down to the Nettlebed woods today, you may find a brand new rope swing, hanging from a rather ugly (but very strong) oak tree, and a bench nearby to sit on. Maggie and Robyn found it, on a Saturday morning when they went up on the common with their Mum and the dog. This probably makes them the first children to swing on that oak tree for many a year.

To find it, walk across the cricket field and up the steps by the old metal swings.

In September our Play Trail Designer and Builder, Alistair Phillips, worked his way along the route of the Trail (from the steps in the car park to the steps on the cricket field), making things that small children can play on.  

THE SMALL PRINT (please read)

Children must be supervised when using the swing and other equipment.

Please put  dogs on the lead in the vicinity of the swing.

Children of all ages may use the equipment; please treat it with respect, and play within your limits.

If you see or hear machinery being operated please put dogs on leads and proceed with caution.   Playtrail building, and commons management generally, require the occasional use of chain saws and brushcutters.

If you see a Warning sign on the path please respect it.

We thank the Chilterns Commons Project who are helping us with funding for this work; the Nettlebed Estate, who own the common; and Alistair Phillips, who is doing the work, assisted by volunteers from Sonning Common Green Gym and Team Nettlebed, our volunteers   If you would like to volunteer with us please CONTACT