Nettlebed and District Commons

Clearance work on the Joyce Grove Triangle

Winter 2013/14 and beyond

The land owners, Nettlebed Estate, agreed to have the whole area of about 3.5ha cleared of birch and other secondary growth woodland as well as some larger sycamore and other species all of which have grown up over the last fifty years. The object being to return the area to grassland, leaving some specimen trees.

This work has been carried out by forestry contractors under the supervision of their forestry consultants. The final stage was to clear the whole area with a giant mulching machine early in 2014. Later in the year the ground was seeded with a mixture of grasses, wild flowers and gorse.

At the same time Team Nettlebed volunteers and Sonning Common Green Gym cleared the central area of the recently felled woodland. This work was carried out by hand to preserve and encourage the re-generation of heather known to have been present within the last two decades.

Due to the poor weather in late Spring and to allow wildllife to flourish, the margins bordering the road were deliberately left untouched consisting of brambles, rose bay willow herb and nettles. Work will resume during the winter of 2014/15 when some 60% of this will be cleared leaving sections to encourage bio-diversity and to improve the appearance of the area.

If you would like to know more about this project or if you are interested in joining future work parties on our commons please contact:

Many people have asked about the clearing work being carried out in the area between the south side of the A4130 and the Joyce Grove boundary in Nettlebed.

Team Nettlebed and Sonning Common Green Gym volunteers at work.