Nettlebed and District Commons

The Conservators

Peter Allport  - chair  (appointed by the owners of Nettlebed Common)

Rhona Ash (appointed by the owners of Kingwood Common)

Michael Green (appointed by the owners of Witheridge Hill)

Tony Cotton (appointed by SODC)

Malcolm Lewis (appointed by SODC)
Jeremy Simon (former chairman - appointed by the Conservators)

Tony Rancombe (appointed by the Conservators)

David Nimmo-Smith (ex-officio - SODC Councillor for Woodcote and Rotherfield Ward)

Charles Bailey (ex-officio - SODC Councillor for Woodcote and Rotherfield Ward)
Clerk - Liz Longley or via our “contact us form”

Correspondence for the Conservators should be addressed to the clerk

Our advisors and volunteer conservation specialists -

Nigel Wooding (former chair of the Conservators)

John Holder (former conservator)

Neil Clennell (BBOWT), Cynth Napper (Wild Oxfordshire), Kath Daly (CCB),

Rod d’Ayala (eco-consultant),

Tony Chandler (Sonning Common Green Gym), Sally Rankin (JNCC recorder), Alistair Phillips

Annual Accounts (last two years)

If your local Conservator is known to you then do please make contact with them direct otherwise through the clerk