Nettlebed and District Commons


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The Friends of the Commons make valuable donations to the Commons, sometimes help on project work, receive

newsletters and generally act as ambassadors for the Commons to the general public. Please join. It is a very

worthwhile membership and is an opportunity for you to give something back to the Commons that we all enjoy and

are fortunate to have on our doorstep. Link to more information about the Friends.

If you are interested please contact the clerk to the Conservators :

Volunteers. The help of volunteers in helping to clear paths and remove litter is always welcome.

In 2011 a group known as KPCV was formed for Kingwood and Peppard - follow this link

Nettlebed volunteers known as Team Nettlebed formed in 2012 meet most Sundays. New members are welcome - follow this link

Kingwood Common

Pond at Nettlebed